Regulatory Newsletter Winter 2018

Please find the Winter edition of Capsticks’ Regulatory Newsletter. In this edition we have included reviews of the following cases:

  • Solicitors Regulation Authority v James and others – in which the Court held that when considering whether exceptional circumstances exist such that a sanction less than striking off the roll is appropriate for a dishonest solicitor, the focus of the tribunal should be on the nature, scope and extent of the dishonesty itself.
  • General Medical Council v Chandra – a Court of Appeal decision which overturned the restoration to the register of a doctor who had previously been found guilty of inappropriate sexual misconduct with a patient.
  • Bawa-Garba v General Medical Council – a Court of Appeal case in which it was held that a sanction of suspension for a doctor guilty of the gross negligent manslaughter of a patient imposed by a fitness to practise panel was not wrong.
  • Raychaudhuri v General Medical Council – a Court of Appeal case in which the original findings of the panel on the question of a doctor’s dishonesty were upheld, after the High Court had overturned them.
  • Manak v Solicitors Regulation Authority- in which the Court held that the SDT should have invited submissions before imposing restrictions on practice for an indefinite period and given reasons for doing so.
  • Hill v General Medical Council – a case in which the Court commented on the need for proportionality in the length of fitness to practise hearings.

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