Regulatory Newsletter Summer 2018

Our Summer edition of Capsticks’ Regulatory Newsletter is now available, which includes a selection of cases from the first part of this year concerning inappropriate sexual misconduct.  Further editions of the newsletter covering important recent cases such as GOC v Clarke and the Bawa-Garba decision will follow soon.  

In this edition we have included reviews of the following cases:

  • Arunachalam v General Medical Council, a case in which the Court set aside the sanction of erasure and held that, when considering sanction, a panel had simply listed the mitigating factors rather than properly evaluating them.
  • General Medical Council v Somuah-Boateng, a successful appeal for the GMC in which they persuaded the Court that erasure was the appropriate sanction for a doctor who had a sexual relationship with a vulnerable former patient.
  • Basson v General Medical Council, in which the Court dismissed an appeal against a panel’s finding of sexual motivation, but in doing so gave a useful definition of what sexual motive means.
  • Yasin v General Medical Council, a case in which the Court upheld the sanction of erasure for a doctor who had sexually assaulted two female junior colleagues in the workplace.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for future editions and please do feel free to circulate the newsletter internally within your organisation as you wish.