NHS provider models

More than just the law

The pressure on NHS providers can sometimes feel relentless – year on year, the challenges increase. Financial targets, delivering high quality services to patients whilst planning and delivering sustainable transformation plans means NHS trusts have more to cope with than ever before.

Our role is to work alongside our clients across health economies, providing supportive and innovative advice to our clients to navigate this difficult environment. Our lawyers and consultants are acknowledged for their national expertise and understanding - more importantly, we are proud to describe ourselves as grounded, friendly and approachable. We value our people – they are dedicated to their roles because adding value to our NHS clients is rewarding.

We work alongside NHS providers every day to solve these problems and to help health economies find system-wide savings. Our focus is to provide the very best practical support to your teams and minimise the pressure you face – we do this by helping to plan transformation and strategic projects, deal with difficult challenges in a supportive way and by using our experience from across the country, working with more than 160 NHS providers to help plan efficiencies and implement change.

We’re pleased to say that our work is “more than just the law” – we work to provide holistic answers that take into account wider health economy pressures.

NHS providers are increasingly looking for solutions that help them collaborate across health economies – this can include joint appointments, common decision making mechanisms and joint ventures.