Domestic Abuse Prevention: Guidance on procuring repairs and maintenance services

Domestic abuse blights the lives of thousands of tenants and residents in the UK and it is estimated that over 100 women will be killed in any given year as a result of domestic abuse. This simply isn’t good enough and agencies that have the ability to support victims and survivors must do their best in preventing and detecting this abuse. 

Housing providers are in a position to play a vital role in supporting people suffering in silence and in particularly it’s the contractors and their staff that have most exposure to what is often happening behind closed doors. Therefore, it’s so important that contractors’ staff are equipped with the knowledge to know what to look out for and also what to do if they were to spot the signs of domestic abuse. 

Many housing providers will procure repairs and maintenance services through a procurement tendering process. Whilst it’s of course necessary for this process to focus on the key requirements of repairs and maintenance, quality and costs; there is a growing emphasis on a contractor’s social responsibility and to be aware of risks and concerns happening within the housing providers’ homes. 

This guidance focuses specifically on this issue, and is designed to assist housing provider’s to factor in domestic abuse responsibilities within their procurement tendering packs for bidders. We believe that making this a feature in the procurement process will ensure that any professional that has an interaction with a tenant or resident, will understand that it’s their responsibility to respond if they feel that something isn’t right.