Defamation and social media

What does the training cover?

 Attendees will be provided with an overview of the key aspects of defamation law and its application to social media, as well as other legal issues around the use of social media. 

There is an increasing use of social media by social housing sector organisations, for example, to communicate with tenants or as a campaigning tool. While there are significant benefits to utilizing social media, this training course will give delegates a broader understanding of the legal risks involved and how to mitigate them.

What style of training is it? 

The training will involve an interactive lecture and an opportunity for participants to share their experiences, raise their concerns and comment upon the issues that will be discussed. Our aim is to ensure that the session provides useful and practical information and guidance about this sensitive area of law, which has become crucial for Social Housing sector organisations. Our sessions are fun, relaxed and informal to facilitate discussion.

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