Policy services and Monitoring Counsel service

Our insurance and healthcare experience enables us to provide wide-ranging policy services. We understand not only the importance of wordings being sufficiently clear but also the commercial relationships between insurers and their insureds and how they can be affected by policy decisions. We regularly provide training to insureds on their policy obligations and advise insurers on where responsibility lies for claims involving multiple Parties where indemnity arrangements require close scrutiny.

We recognise the need for our clients based in the UK to have reassurance on the medico-legal risk of their worldwide portfolio and therefore set up our Monitoring Counsel Service. We can work with your existing local providers to ensure you are given an independent and valuable analysis of your risk and claims portfolio in a foreign jurisdiction. We can undertake an audit of files and discuss these with an individual insured and provide a report to underwriters and brokers on the claims history and what is in the pipeline.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Drafting professional indemnity policy wordings.
  • Advising on policy coverage once a claim is made.
  • Advising on disputes arising out of challenges to policy coverage decisions.
  • Incident and complaints analysis for risk management purposes.


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