A key part of delivering cost efficiencies; stock rationalisation projects can provide capital receipts, as well as improved asset management service standards and efficiencies. Our responsive and friendly team has dealt with dozens of projects within the RP sector, and has a tried and tested process for delivering to agreed timescales and within budget. We:

  • use defined process, standard documentation and state-of-the-art IT solutions to deliver large volume projects on time; 
  • offer highly competitive rates, because of the efficiencies and added value of our systems and experience; 
  • identify early any potential issues and offer practical solutions; 
  • give advice in plain English; 
  • keep you informed of progress, highlighting any possible delays and timescales for solutions.

We are the ‘go-to’ firm for these types of projects, including support on funding/securitisation; nominations/contractual advice; governance; planning; housing management; and employment issues that arise – all from housing specialist lawyers who really understand your business.

We can help you with:
  • Stock acquisitions (tenanted or untenanted) 
  • Stock disposals (tenanted or untenanted) 
  • Stock swaps 
  • Void disposal programmes 
  • Portfolio acquisitions 
  • Voluntary sales programmes 
  • Pre-disposal/acquisition legal review of stock 
  • Legal review for asset appraisals
Case Study

Stock rationalisation advice for a housing association

The deal involved our registered provider client disposing of 700 properties with a capital value of around £45m in the South Hampshire area and acquiring 710 properties for general needs, housing for older people, leasehold and market rent in North and West Hampshire, with a balancing payment to be made and involving a number of shared ownership units and considering the TUPE regulations.

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