Planning and construction

We have a very experienced team of commercially astute lawyers who have expertise in both the private and public sectors (including NHS Trusts and Housing Associations) providing a first class, timely, service at cost-effective rates. We will discuss and agree with you at the outset of the project what the legal fees will be for representing you and we can tailor fee arrangements to suit your requirements. Our planning and construction lawyers service our housing team and are a resource that we encourage all our clients to utilise.

We can help you with:

  • Planning

    Our team advises on all aspects of planning law which includes:

    • Drafting and negotiating Section 106 agreements and s106 deeds of variation. 
    • Drafting and negotiating Highways (s38 and s278) and Utility (s104) Agreements. 
    • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Advice. 
    • Planning appeals. 
    • Planning Enforcement matters. 
    • Compulsory Purchase Orders. 
    • Advising on general planning law matters.
  • Construction

    Our team advises on all aspects of construction law which includes:

    • Drafting and negotiating the full suite of construction documents (including letters of intent, building contracts, professional appointments, parent company guarantees, bonds and sub-contracts). 
    • Ancillary documents such as Development Agreements, Finance Agreements and Agreements for Lease. 
    • Expertise on the standard forms of UK Construction Contracts, especially JCT, NEC and FIDIC, and bespoke versions. 
    • Providing a health-check and advice on existing contractual arrangements. 
    • Awareness of and advice on industry developments, such as the use of Building Information Modelling. 
    • Actions to take in the event of the insolvency of one party involved in a development. 
    • Advice on dispute avoidance and resolution. 
    • Providing in-house training to clients on general law and topical issues.
  • Procurement

    Our experts will guide you through the often complex areas of procurement and governance. This includes advice in relation to matters such as:

    • Compliance with the necessary procedures at all stages of the project. 
    • OJEU procedures.
    • Framework Agreements.
    • ProCure 22. 
    • Strategic Outsourcing Agreements. 
    • PPP and PFI deals. 
    • Construction/Energy and EPC Contracts. 
    • Private Partnering and Term Partnering contracts. 
    • Financing arrangements and pricing options. 
    • Infrastructure and Utility Agreements. 
    • Managed Equipment Contracts and Joint Ventures.