Contractual and construction disputes

We resolve disputes promptly. We have the team size, leading edge IT, and the experience to handle even the most complex and high value litigation. As well having the expertise you need, we are pragmatic and always consider the wider consequences of every step we take or action we recommend for you.

We are expert litigators but are equally comfortable pursuing other means of dispute resolution, including arbitration, adjudication, expert determination and mediation. Our costs are always in proportion to the sums at issue and take account of existing and future business relationships when supporting you in settling a dispute.

We can help you with:

Complex and high value contractual disputes concerning the supply of goods and services, adherence to contractual terms, disputed substitutions, and termination on breach.

The terms of construction contracts, including NEC, JCT and Procure 21 and 21+, professional appointments and bespoke contracts.

  • Payment disputes and final accounts, contractor claims for additional time and loss/expense, and final accounts. 
  • Claims for rectification of defects, whether caused by poor workmanship, quality of materials or design defects. 
  • Claims on bonds, guarantees and insurance policies. 
  • Addressing obstacles to development, such as restrictive covenants or easements.
  • Advising on contractor insolvency, terminations and completion.
Case Study

Contract termination and settlement of disputed invoices

A dispute between a leading national social housing provider and a cleaning contractor regarding the contractor’s poor performance under a cleaning services contract.

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Case Study

Contract disputes with former contractors

One of the country’s largest housing associations appointed a firm of management consultants and a number of IT companies to assist with a multi million pound transformation of its IT systems and workforce.

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