Estates, construction and planning

Whether you’re an NHS organisation, a health or social care charity, a social enterprise, a private provider or a GP practice, we’ll provide you with the specialist property support you need.

Our dedicated property team, one of the largest in the country, works exclusively on Real Estate matters for our health and housing clients. We are leading advisors on the integration between health, social care and housing. Our strengths include our work for GPs and our leading expertise in working with NHS Estates.

The NHS has one of the largest estates in the country. Healthcare clients have a complete range of commercial property requirements including land sales to all the major house builders, commercial offices and many new hospital developments. We have extensive experience in acting for PPP and PFI healthcare schemes.

We are acknowledged leaders in advising on GP premises strategy, funding and policy. We specialise in practice mergers and acquisitions, including all regulatory aspects. We also advise on all types of property works including new surgery developments, leases between property-owning and non-property owning partners, applications for premises funding under the premises Costs Direction and Estates and Technology Transformation Fund and sale and leaseback transactions with specialist investors in primary care premises.

Our areas of expertise include:

Commercial leases

We’re experts at all types of commercial lease – from new office headquarters to leases to and from health and social care providers.

Contracts & warranties

Our Construction team deals with building contracts and warranties, and our town and country planning lawyers provide expert guidance on section 106 agreements, section 278 agreements and section 104 agreements.

Land sales

We deal with some of the largest and most complex land sales in the sector, including multi-phase disposals to residential developers that release much-needed capital for reinvestment in the NHS.

Overseas investments

Our in-depth sector knowledge also allows us to deal with the property work for overseas investors – particularly from the US – who are acquiring health and social care assets in the UK.