Why Capsticks?

As healthcare specialists for over 30 years, we are well aware of the political, social and financial issues involved in resolving the sector’s trickiest legal challenges.

We understand the significant financial pressures facing the healthcare sector and our legal solutions are always delivered with this in mind.

We also know that the reputational stakes are high. The decisions you take may have significant ramifications. We offer timely advice that can prevent career-ending, reputational damage caused by factors ranging from negligence to poor governance.

Over the decades we’ve built strong relationships with senior people in the sector. We have grown-up conversations at Board level, with regulators and national healthcare organisations that mean we see the bigger picture. As a result, our solutions are practical and actionable as well as cost-effective. And delivered in language you understand.

We appreciate the financial pressures facing healthcare providers. We make sure our solutions are realistic and affordable - Rachael Heenan , Senior Partner.
Keeping you one step ahead
With so many high-profile relationships, we’re well placed to advise clients on changes or threats in the sector. We run regular training sessions and seminars that keep our clients up to speed on regulations, guidance and more.

And although healthcare is our biggest sector, we don’t work in silos. Our health and social care team add to, and benefit from, the incredible range of experience we have within the firm be that in housing, insurance or care home work.

Health & Housing

We are leading the way, as the largest health firm and one of the leading housing firms in the country, we’ve provided expert advice to clients following the publication of the Naylor Review. Put simply, we are the ‘go-to’ firm regarding the interface between health and housing.

The health economy amounts to more than 10% of UK GDP and we are at the forefront of this exciting convergence. Like healthcare, our work in housing shows our commitment to specialist sectors. In fact, the many synergies between healthcare and housing have increasingly led to work on some very exciting joint initiatives between the two areas.

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