The impact of COVID-19 on County Court proceedings
The Coronavirus Act became law on 25 March 2020 and its provisions in respect of housing are now in force. We explore the housing provisions and your concerns around county court proceedings in the current climate.
COVID-19 delay clause for property contracts
An industry standard clause has been proposed to deal with COVID-19 delays. In this insight we explore, what the clause says and the impact it may have on you and your property contracts.
COVID-19: Mutual exchanges in the current climate
Most RPs and LAs are now looking to focus their reduced services on urgent matters and are looking to see what can be stopped/delayed. We examine the impact on mutual exchanges, assured tenants and what this means for RPs.
Relief for suppliers in light of COVID-19
The Cabinet Office has published a Procurement Policy Note – Supplier relief due to COVID-19 with information and guidance for public bodies on the payment of their suppliers, effective immediately until 20 June 2020.
The impact of COVID-19 on the use of the seal and authorised signatories
In the current environment, with more officers working from home, housing associations and other businesses may be having difficulties arranging for the execution of documents.
COVID-19: How registered providers can meet health and safety obligations
As circumstances are changing rapidly, registered providers (RPs) need to adapt their policies and procedures to ensure that residents, staff and contractors are safe.
COVID-19: Safeguarding adults and children – the impact
The Emergency Coronavirus Bill will be easing legislative and regulatory requirements in a number of areas in order to free up resources for essential staff to deal with the pandemic.
Force majeure or frustration? The implications of COVID-19 on your building contract
We examine the position of standard building contracts and provided guidance around the some of the implications that COVID-19 may have from a force majeure perspective.