Gearing up for the resumption of possession cases - part 2
CPR PD55C makes temporary rules that will apply between 23/08/2020 and 28/03/2021 for existing possession claims, as well as new claims issued within specific timelines. We consider the position for social housing providers in relation to each category.
Is the stay that stayed longer to stay no more?
In just over six weeks’ time, it is expected that the stay on possession proceedings, initially imposed by CPR PD 51Z until 25 June 2020 and then extended by CPR 55.29 until 23 August 2020, will be lifted. We explain what this means for RPs.
The ‘stay’ that stayed, stays longer: possession cases now stayed until 23 August 2020
The period of the stay imposed by CPR PD51Z has been extended until 23 August 2020. We have summarised the decision and what it means for housing providers in our insight.
COVID-19: Court of Appeal decided the stay on possession proceedings imposed by CPR PD51Z also applied to appeals
The Court of Appeal has decided that the 90-day stay imposed on possession proceedings by CPR PD51Z also extends to appeals made in respect of possession cases bought under CPR Part 55. We summarise what the outcome means for housing providers.
The ‘stay’ stays: Court of Appeal confirms legality of CPR PD51Z
The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by which a challenge was bought to the legality of the 90-day stay imposed on possession proceedings by CPR PD51Z.
Possession proceedings and the new changes to the Civil Procedure Rules
With effect from 6 April 2020, the 113th amendment of the Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”) has made a number of changes. We outline those most important to social housing providers preparing their own documentation for court.