Deprivation of Liberty and Mental Health Update Seminars 2020

Capsticks invite you to join us at one of our seminars on the interaction of the Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and Mental Health Act, which is a continually developing area of law.

The sessions will consider developments in:

• DOLS and the Liberty Protection Safeguards
• Interaction of MHA with DOLS and LPS, to include CTO and Conditional Discharge
• Use of restraint and deprivation of liberty in A&E and s.136 Health Based Places of Safety
• Update on the law in relation to children

We would also like you to bring along knotty issues that you are dealing with every day for discussion with our panel.

Responding to your issues
To ensure the content is relevant to you, you will be encouraged to participate throughout the session. If you are dealing with difficult issues, please email the details to and we will ensure these are discussed with our panel and professionals dealing with the issues in practice.

Who should attend?
These seminars will be of relevance to DOLS Leads, Safeguarding Leads, Heads of Legal, Risk Managers, Commissioners, Clinical and Nursing Directors and those dealing with the Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty and the Mental Health Act on a daily basis.

Limited places are available for this seminar, please book early to reserve a space.

Event contact

If you have any queries about this event or would like to tell us about your dietary or access requirements then please email us

Additional information

Please note that unless otherwise stated our events are free to attend. Places at our events are subject to availability and awarded at the discretion of Capsticks. If space becomes limited at this event and we may need to restrict numbers attending from individual organisations.