Catherine Airey


What was it that attracted you to Capsticks before you joined?

  • I was attracted to Capsticks because it specialises in Healthcare and Social Housing and I thought that these would be interesting areas of law. Capsticks deals with many high profile cases and clients and this was attractive to me.

What has your training been like?

  • I have done a seat in the Housing Management Team and now in the Regulatory Team. The Housing Management Team focuses on combatting anti-social behaviour by obtaining Injunction Orders and Possession Orders against Defendant Tenants. The Regulatory Team focuses on acting for Regulators such as the GDC (General Dentist Council) and NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council).
  • During my seat in Housing Management I came across many interesting cases – including one Defendant who threatened their neighbour with a samurai sword. There was another case where a Defendant attacked their neighbour with a garden fork –there was never a dull day in the office!
  • I have received lots of valuable supervision –including attending legal surgeries with solicitors where they are providing advice to clients. Solicitors in the office check through your work prior to it being sent to clients. I have also drafted advice to clients and carried out mock client interviews with solicitors so that I have gained confidence in giving legal advice to clients.
  • HR have supported my studying of the LPC by providing study leave days to enable me to revise for exams.

Describe a typical day as a trainee

  • A typical day can involve tasks such as taking witness statements over the telephone, drafting witness statements and pleadings, preparing court bundles, contact with clients, briefing counsel for hearings. I have also attended Court hearings and attended legal surgeries to give advice. A typical day is incredibly varied and you always feel as though the work you are doing is valuable and helping the case. Everyone in the office is incredibly friendly and helpful and you automatically feel part of the team.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

  • I enjoy the responsibility I am given, the work carried out is always progressing the case forward. I enjoy the amount of client contact I am given, where I have been the main point of contact for several clients. I enjoy speaking to witnesses over the phone. In particular when I was in the Housing Management Division I enjoyed listening to the witnesses and knowing that the work I was doing would be helping their housing situation.

What advice would you give to future trainees?

  • I was a paralegal at Capsticks prior to obtaining a training contract and the time I spent as a paralegal was invaluable experience—I would recommend obtaining experience as a paralegal to anyone who is looking to become a solicitor.