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Unfair practices in the leasehold market – Capsticks’ response to DCLG consultation


DCLG is currently running a consultation on proposals to stamp out unfair practices in the leasehold market.  These focus on ending the practice of selling new houses on a leasehold, rather than freehold basis; eliminating unfair ground rents; and stopping the use of Ground 8 to obtain a possession order if a leaseholder is in ground rent arrears.


Following consultation with a number of social housing providers, Capsticks has submitted a response to DCLG’s consultation paper that reflects all the views of those we canvassed.  Our response is broadly supportive of the proposals, but raised the following key points with DCLG:

Our response in detail

You can view a full copy of our submission to the DCLG here.                        

Want to have your say?

Deadline for submissions to the DCLG is at 11.45pm on 19th September 2017, and you can access the consultation paper here. We would also be very interested to hear your thoughts on the proposals.

Any questions?

Please do get in touch with Susie Rogers, Jonathan Hulley or Jennifer Bennett if you have any comments or questions. 

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